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I had the pleasure of being involved in the Chief for a Day program for three years. I can honestly say it was one of the most positive experiences as a Police Officer I have had. I had the privilege of working with great members from the community that put this whole event together, the committee members are a group of dedicated professionals who work many hours pulling the whole event together. As for my role, looking after the Chief for a Day program, I had the pleasure of meeting some truly remarkable kids that would give some experienced officers a run for their money. Watching these kids “Mini Chiefs” start with writing an essay and reading it to a group of adults in hope of making it to the final goal of Chief for Day, was inspiring. Most can public speak better than a lot adults I’ve heard speak. Once the “Chief” was selected the fun began, making our new Chief feel like a Chief, was a fun part of the job. The Chief's family and the Chief were treated to first class treatment from the second they were chosen. Yes this was as much about the family as it was the new mini Chief. It was truly an honor to get to work with these families and the Chiefs. I can’t think of one single negative aspect of the role I had. My absolute favorite part of the role had to have been picking the Chiefs up at their school on their big “Chief for Day”, day. Seeing the pride as they were given a police escort out of the school as their peers cheered them on was priceless. The impact this program and affect it has not only on the kids chosen as Chief but the families and the positive impact on the whole school, is immeasurable. I’m thankful the PADAN committee allowing me the opportunity to participate in the program and I wish them continued success.

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