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A man stood on a bridge on a cold March evening, waiting for the freight train to come. He was determined to end his life. K-9 officer D/Cst. Bryan Armstrong was first on scene along with Aux. Cst. Clint Neuls. D/Cst. Armstrong scrambled up the tall embankment to the train tracks and began a conversation.

The man threatened to jump if Bryan got any closer. Then, both men saw the light of a train and heard it barrelling toward them. The man, fully aware of the danger, stepped directly onto one of the rails. D/Cst. Armstrong sprinted 15’ forward and grabbed the man by the shoulders. He pulled him over to the metal walkway grate, right beside the tracks. The heavy train swooshed by at high speed with the two men hunkered down only about one foot away on the walkway. Not willing to stay in such a precarious position, D/Cst. Armstrong began dragging the male southbound to get off the bridge. The man remained face down and didn’t move. Aux. Cst. Neuls ran up the embarkment and grabbed D/Cst. Armstrong by the vest and began pulling with him. The freight train continued to whizz by and all three men were only a few feet away. Finally, they dragged the man down the steep embankment. Once in a safe spot, the male became disruptive and had to be handcuffed by Aux. Cst. Neuls.

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