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A Canadian Military soldier and hero from Clarington served this country for seven years in the Canadian Armed Forces. But it was his time in Afghanistan in 2006 that had the deepest impact on his life. His horrific experiences led to years of mental anguish as he wrestled with suicidal thoughts brought on by PTSD.


In early 2015, he experienced a scary flashback. In his mind he was back in Afghanistan, fighting for his life. His family called 911 for help. The former soldier remembers seeing Cst. Rob Harding at the back door of his home and saw him as an imminent threat, not as someone there to help. Cst. Harding calmed him down, showed him dignity and respect as he began to speak to him. The distraught male then fled to the bathroom threatening to harm himself, but Harding tagged along, and they talked some more. The two men sat together and conversations continued.


“He sat with me, related to me, and showed me empathy and respect. I walked out of that washroom with a new lease on life. I could not be more honoured to meet a man of his caliber,” he later relayed in an email.


The former soldier received extensive help through Veterans Affairs and credits Cst. Harding for saving his life.

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