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When parents drop their children off at daycare, they kiss them goodbye and head off to work, run errands or appointments. They assume they have left their children in a safe environment. That is usually the case. But unfortunately, on a cold November day in 2013, it wasn’t.


At a daycare in Pickering, events were unfolding that would potentially put everyone in the centre in an extremely dangerous situation. A distraught mother approached the father of her child outside the building as he arrived to pick up their child. She demanded that he go inside and bring their son out stating she wanted all of them to die together. The female then threatened to stab or shoot him if he refused, revealing a kitchen knife hidden in her waistband and a handgun tucked in her boot.


The man ran inside the daycare and had employees call 911. The daycare quickly went into lockdown. West Division officers responded to the scene and found the front doors locked. Cst. Pottle went around back and found a way inside, where he confronted the female. She appeared flustered and made a motion to her waist, under her jacket, with her right hand.


Cst. Pottle immediately grabbed her right arm and pulled it away from her waist. During this time, the female attempted to reach towards her boot with her left hand. Again, Cst. Pottle reacted quickly, managing to apprehend the female. A 12” stainless-steel kitchen knife was found tucked in her waistband and a small steak knife was found in her purse. An imitation handgun was found in her boot. Thankfully, no one was injured.


The female later told the police she wished she had used the weapons on others or the police, so they would have shot her. A quick response and prompt action by Cst. Pottle ensured a safe outcome in this very tense incident. Great job Christian!

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