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In September 2017, Ajax experienced a string of violent robberies and car-jackings that gripped the community in fear. The pair of suspects would surprise unsuspecting victims in their own driveways as they entered or exited their vehicles. During three of these instances, victims were held at gunpoint and forced to drive to nearby banks to withdraw money. Several victims resisted and faced brutal assaults with two being sent to hospital for their injuries.


In response, the Major Crime Robbery Unit and West Division Criminal Investigation Branch formed Project Westmore. The team was made up of a group of very determined investigators who worked tirelessly over a two-week period to identify the suspects and collect evidence.


On November 28, 2017, this crime spree came to an abrupt end after the team observed the pair rob a taxi driver. A high-risk arrest was executed and both accused were taken into custody and charged with more than 60 offences.

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