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In March of 2017, Csts. Amicone and Saedi-Kandelati were attending an unrelated call for service in Oshawa when a citizen informed them that there was a fire in the high-rise apartment building one street south. Both officers immediately made their way on foot to the location and discovered that heavy smoke and flames were billowing from an upper floor window. With no hesitation, both officers entered the building and made their way to the fiery unit. Heavy smoke had already filled the hallway. Three men were located in the apartment and all were slightly disoriented. This was a full working fire with the majority of the unit engulfed. Both officers removed the occupants, leading them out to safety and then immediately began evacuating the neighbouring apartments. All tenants made it out to safety and as a result of the officers’ actions no injuries were sustained. The Fire Captain credited the officers with getting the occupants out of the building quickly. Both officers kept calm and quickly relayed information as to the whereabouts and removal of occupants, possibly saving a life.

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