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In today’s political climate, where policing is under such intense scrutiny from the media, we tend to forget that the vast majority of citizens trust and respect their local officers and appreciate the difficult job they do.


That’s why we are so fortunate in Durham Region to have a group of dedicated citizens who celebrate policing excellence every year by hosting a gala dinner. The Police Appreciation Dinner & Awards Night (PADAN) Committee is a wonderful team of local business and community leaders who take the time to showcase the great work being done by our officers and civilians.


Funds raised from the dinner go toward enriching the community through sponsorship of police outreach programs and services. From after-school programs to outreach programs for seniors, our women and men in blue have greatly appreciated these enrichment sponsorships.


The most difficult part of PADAN is choosing what police stories to celebrate. The truth is there are dozens of examples of incredible police work being done on the streets of Durham Region each day. We must narrow down this lengthy list to only a handful of incidents for award consideration. Each year we find examples of tremendous bravery, leading edge investigations and community involvement.


On behalf of the 1,200 members of the DRPS, I want to thank members of the PADAN Committee, past and present, for taking the time to celebrate the incredible achievements and dedication of our members.


Yours in community safety,

Paul Martin

Chief of Police

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