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A man stood on a bridge on a cold March evening, waiting for the freight train to come. He was determined to end his life. K-9 officer D/Cst. Bryan Armstrong was first on scene along with Aux. Cst. Clint Neuls. D/Cst. Armstrong scrambled up the tall embankment to the train tracks and began a conversation.

A Canadian Military soldier and hero from Clarington served this country for seven years in the Canadian Armed Forces. But it was his time in Afghanistan in 2006 that had the deepest impact on his life. His horrific experiences led to years of mental anguish as he wrestled with suicidal thoughts brought on by PTSD.

A group of teenager got involved in a fight at Salem Road and Rossland Road on a cold March evening in 2016. Officers were called to the scene to break up the melee.

Young girls love to play pretend, but sometimes their boundless curiosity leads to trouble. A four-year-old girl found herself in a life-threatening state while playing pretend with an industrial-strength plastic zip tie. D/Cst. Wes King arrived to find a family in panic.

A man, wielding a machete, ran out of a house and refused to drop the weapon. He was surrounded by arriving police officers. A split-second decision needed to be made on how to end the threat. The man’s life is in the balance. Officers from Central West Division were dispatched to a report of a person armed with a machete in a residence. Sgt. Julia Whittaker and fellow officers contained the scene, while the Duty Inspector and Incident Commander attended due to the escalating situation.

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