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A group of teenager got involved in a fight at Salem Road and Rossland Road on a cold March evening in 2016. Officers were called to the scene to break up the melee.

Young girls love to play pretend, but sometimes their boundless curiosity leads to trouble. A four-year-old girl found herself in a life-threatening state while playing pretend with an industrial-strength plastic zip tie. D/Cst. Wes King arrived to find a family in panic.

A man, wielding a machete, ran out of a house and refused to drop the weapon. He was surrounded by arriving police officers. A split-second decision needed to be made on how to end the threat. The man’s life is in the balance. Officers from Central West Division were dispatched to a report of a person armed with a machete in a residence. Sgt. Julia Whittaker and fellow officers contained the scene, while the Duty Inspector and Incident Commander attended due to the escalating situation.

A van crashed into a bridge overpass on Ritson Road at Highway 401 in Oshawa. The lone occupant was unconscious inside and the vehicle was on fire. A cab driver was first on scene, frantically trying to open the locked doors to get the driver out. He tried to smash windows to get in–but to no avail. The flames and smoke inside the van began encircling the driver’s body. A thick column of smoke was rising high into the night air. Cst. Phil Blandford arrived on the chilly December morning just before 4 a.m. The two men were able to gain access to the driver and pulled him out as the heat and flames intensified, singeing their hair. The driver’s jacket and pants were on fire, which Cst. Blandford extinguished. The two men pulled the body further away as the fire continued and the van tires began to explode. The driver was transported to hospital with smoke inhalation, significant second-degree burns and a broken femur. The actions of Cst. Blandford and the civilian undoubtedly saved

You warm up your car in the driveway and go back inside to make coffee. When you come out to drive to work, the vehicle is gone. In a few days, it is sold in Africa. Seven people were arrested and more than $1 million in stolen automobiles recovered after a joint forces investigation, dubbed Project Lakeland, into an auto theft ring operating in Durham Region, York Region and Toronto.

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