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In November of 2016, Sgt. Stoddart responded to Lakeridge Health Oshawa for a suicidal male on the roof. He was approximately 130 feet off of the ground. He had a rope around his neck that was secured to framework on the roof. At times, the male would lean over the edge of the roof with the rope around his neck. Sgt. Stoddart made his way to the rooftop with a security guard after several failed attempts to locate an access door to the roof. Several other officers were also scrambling to find the correct access point at this time as well. Sgt. Stoddart approached the male in a calm and concerned manner. The male was at first, very agitated with the presence of police and moved toward the edge of the roof. Sgt. Stoddart quickly established a rapport with the subject, finding a common link between him and the male. They chatted some more and the male moved away from the edge of the roof. At one point, the distraught man turned away from Sgt. Stoddart as they continued their dialogue. The officer feared the male had turned to jump off the roof and saw an opportunity to act. He tackled the male, handcuffed him and cut the rope away from his neck and took him safely into custody away from the edge of the roof with the assistance of the security guard. The male was subsequently apprehended under the Mental Health Act. This event occurred approximately two feet from the roof edge.

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